PODCAST: S1E6 – Christmas Special

What sort of independent home-recorded podcast series would The Is My Dram be if it didn’t adopt the antiquated conventions of broadcast television and release a Christmas Special?

A slightly different theme this time, loosely based around a the twin concepts of a Secret Santa and a blind taste test, albeit with considerably less drinking and brushes with summary dismissal than the average office Christmas party. In the event, Stu wrapped up with Douglas Laing’s Big Peat and Andy opted to put a festive bird on the table with Naked Grouse. Blind taste testing on tape to be released, in theory, to the entire internet user-base was a daunting prospect. You can listen to the guys stumbling blindly in the dark here:

Andy, faced with an enticing dram of Douglas Laing’s Big Peat, initially veered wildly off in the wrong direction before righting his course into the realms of respectability. The limited edition cask-strength vatted malt contains a drop or more from every functioning and one ex-functioning distillery on Islay.

Stu settled into the provenance of Naked Grouse with relative ease, picking out some of the velvety Speyside notes and Christmas spices from the sherry-cask hue and raising a chuckle at the featherless grouse embossed on the bottle. Plucking impressive!

For the playlist, an attempt was made to spin some Christmas crackers that have sneaked in under the airwaves and avoided the high-street chain store public address system for the months of October, November and relentlessly into December. Offerings from the jazz, funk and indie stables were brought forth from our dram-happy wise men, with inclusions from The Eels, Louis Armstrong, Phoenix and more. The podcast also closed with one of Stu’s own compositions, Hey, What’s That Sound (It’s Christmas), featuring Andy on guitar and Stu on vocals, drums and time-signatures.

Find the playlist embedded below – or find the playlist on Spotify by searching for our username: Thisismydram.


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