PODCAST: S1E5 – A Pair of Nikkas

Other than providing the hilarious (hmmm…) opportunity to give our podcast a silly name, our interest in Nikka whisky stretched much further than childish puns (honest!). Stu had spent the Autumn months getting into Japanese whisky, and was trying to get his head around the enigma that is Nikka from the Barrel. A blend, £30 a bottle, readily available (unlike some of the more popular Japanese whiskies), and yet despite all this, an incredibly complex and downright gorgeous dram. Is this the best value reasonably priced whisky you can find? How does it stack up against some of the single malt whiskies we’d sampled on the other podcasts? How does it stack up against another Nikka blends? Have a listen to the podcast to find out!

It’s fair to say Andy & Stu were fairly blown away by Nikka from the Barrel, and they compare it to Nikka Pure Malt Black on the podcast, as well as creating a playlist of Japanese artists and songs that have a link to Japan. This, of course, gave them an excuse to ramble on about the fantastic ‘Lost in Translation’, as well as indulge in a bit of Bill Murray love… what a guy! Please find the playlist here:

Also on the podcast, we find out about the first celebrity follower of the @Thisismydram twitter account, and we accept a challenge from the Bourbon Gents (@Bourbongents). You can get any of our podcasts through iTunes, Stitcher, Acast or Soundcloud, just search for This is my Dram.


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