PODCAST: S1E3- Laphroaig Triple Wood

In episode three of the podcast Andy & Stu were joined by friend and bandmate Andrew Gardiner to enjoy a dram of Laphroaig Triple Wood and offer up suggestions for a playlist of notable trios…Geddit?

Laphroaig was a brand familiar to all three as Honeymoon tipple, poker-game epiphany and suspiciously avoided poison respectively. Stu had picked up a bottle of this expression after tasting the whisky at Newcastle Whisky Festival in March 2016 and was eager to present it for a “sober” appraisal. It was generally agreed the whisky delivered a satisfying oaky finish on top of the trademark Laphroaig peat smoke. A highlight was when guest Andrew discovered the cask strength ABV% and protested that the risk of hospitalisation would probably diminish the ability for further analysis.

Of course, get three bandmates and music geeks into a room, give them a strong drink and the focus will soon turn to a heavy discussion on music. The playlist featured an array of solid, fiery tracks to rival the mouth-coating dram and more than a few commentary errors that had to be fixed in post-production. The podcast also features an exclusive and in-full track from one of guest Andrew’s bands, FutureLoss.

Find the playlist embedded below – or find the playlist on Spotify by searching for our username: Thisismydram.


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