PODCAST: S1E2- Flóki young malt

The second episode of the podcast saw Andy & Stu embrace the dramatic landscapes and violent volcanos of Iceland, by trying a dram of Iceland’s only (we think!) malt whisky, and listening to some Icelandic music (though thankfully more of the contemporary stuff than the traditional music!).

Flóki is distlled in a fairly new distillery just south of the capital, Reykjavik, and appealed to us at This Is My Dram as one half of us (Stu) has been to Iceland on a number of occassions, and it’s fair to say he’s somewhat obsessed with the country! From the sparsely populated countryside, to the wide range of eclectic music it produces including Björk, Sigur Rós, mugison, and 15 strong all girl hip hop group Reykjavíkurdætur.

Flóki turned out to be a fascinating whisky to try, so different from what we were used to in Scottish whisky, and it’s young age was notable in the nose and taste. We were blown away by the strong, spice and Icelandic herb flavours, which gave it a very distinct taste. This rawness was powerful, but left the feeling that this whisky could certainly do with a few more years to be refined. We are keen to try the distillery’s first single malt which is due very soon, to see how the flavours have evolved. We’re keen to see what happens next so we can check back in on a later podcast.

The playlist took on an eerie synergy with the whisky, as our choices evolved whilst drinking the powerful and spicy Flóki, so that the more spiky and noisy song choices reflected our reaction to the dram itself. Find the playlist embedded below – or find the playlist on Spotify by searching for our username: Thisismydram.


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